kid_info_out_Main_H1_icon 關於日珥



    * 協助客戶尋找供應商 / 代工廠 (Sourcing and Quality monitoring services)

    * 品牌代理、自有品牌商品開發


    * 電腦週邊與電源:  NB電池、NB變壓器、NB專用行動電源、一般行動電源 

    * 幼兒園、小學生專屬保健品: 酵素(鈣強化)、保健草本茶(無咖啡因、無茶鹼)、皮膚保養/防曬

    * 9 - 12 歲兒童日常用品: 中大童時尚襪子與配件、9-12歲女童成長內衣、9-12歲男童成長內褲

kid_info_out_Main_H1_icon 經營理念
以創新、品質、環境友善為核心,為全球消費者、客戶及供應商夥伴,創造 "三贏" 之合作契機。

kid_info_out_Main_H1_icon 自有品牌

   * 電池達人 (MyEnergy): NB電池、NB變壓器 

   * Promi: 兒童3C週邊與配件、可攜式居家照護電子商品、Power Bank

   * 小學生來了: 網路門市。專營: 成長期的中大童之內衣褲、日常用品與配件


kid_info_out_Main_H1_icon 代理、經銷之品牌  

   * powerocks (台灣總代理):Power Bank (APPLE原廠認證)

   * tanker (特許經銷):Power Bank (工研院防爆炸專利配方電芯)

   * Helium Aurim (德里歐) : 4-12歲兒童專屬保健食品 / 皮膚保養品 / 洗澡洗髮


德里歐 呼吸健康草本茶

helium_info_out_Main_H1_iconMobile power solutions

電池達人(MyEnergy) e-shop 提供筆記型電腦、平板電腦…等 3C 商品電源。 (2017 止)
德里歐 呼吸健康草本茶

helium_info_out_Main_H1_iconHealth care  for children

引進歐洲 “分齡保養" 觀念,代理亞州唯一4-12歲兒童、青少年之保健品牌Helium Aurum (德里歐)。

德里歐 呼吸健康草本茶

helium_info_out_Main_H1_iconPT Nagasamudera



kid_info_out_Main_H1_icon Company Profile

Founded in 2008, Prominency Corp. located in Taiwan with branches in Indonesia and Hong Kong. Our business started from notebook PC and handset device categories, and expanded the biz scope to the health-care related fields in 2010. Prominency has taken the leading position and recognized brand in both mobile power industry and school-age kids’ healthcare.


We not only link up clients with manufactures but also offer a competitive advantage to customers in terms of excellent R&D capabilities.


Our core value is to satisfy our customers with innovation and quality products. In the future, Prominency will stay on that course and work to become the most reliable brand in kids’ healthcare categories.


kid_info_out_Main_H1_icon Vision

Prominency claims to improve the quality of life and health of modern people in the way of environment friendly and as nature as possible by the belief of integrity and creative.